Which should I join? Which microstock photography site should I use to sell my photos online?

You will earn the most money at shutterstock, guaranteed!

Good site. Good sales. Highly recommended!

Regular sales, very stable, quite fussy about your images.

Istock Photo
Very fussy, small upload limit, good sales!

Bigstock Photo
Slow on sales, but high acceptance ratio. Easy to use and therefore recommended.

Microstock photography: Helping you sell microstock photos.

Lock Stock Photography is geared towards helping both the stock and the microstock photography enthusiast maximise profits, create technically sound as well as saleable stock photos, and provides hints and tips about how to sell photos online in the dynamic world of stock and microstock photography. All aspects of microstock photography are covered on this site.

If you are new to microstock photography and want to sell photos online via the various microstock photography web sites, read the various sections of this website before submitting your first few batches of photos, as there are many very important do's and dont's regarding the submission process.

Burger: Stock photo of a cheeseburger
Burger: Hamburger/Cheeseburger, stock photo of a burger.

Sell photos online through microstock photography.